Motion Picture Space is not a Social Media Network.

It is a professional space consisting of multiple networks where individuals and companies can market themselves, their services, and products to the Motion Picture Industry.  We welcome everybody with years of experiences to those who are looking to get their start in the Film Business. Our primary goal is to create a networking tool that simplifies the process of making motion pictures.

You see, at Motion Picture Space, we have taken the Motion Picture Industry and broken it up into key individual networks.  These networks consist of people and products that are needed to help you make your film.  Each network is designed to be user friendly and simple to use.  Individuals and Companies have the ability to create one profile on one network or multiple profiles on every network.  Companies can have access to the complete inventory of products in the networks, and even manage their availability within their own profile.

The Staff and Crew Network, Corporate Staff Network and Research Networks are FREE to use.  The remaining networks have a user fee of $95 for up to 20 profiles on any of our networks.  For an additional $95, a user can create another 20 profiles.  Or, for an additional $149 a user can create as many profiles as they need.  Imagine being able to create as many profiles on as many networks you choose to market the entire inventory, each with 20 images, all with customized search terms for $244 a year.

Whatever user service fee you choose, THE FIRST 30 DAYS IS A FREE TRIAL PERIOD.  Take a moment and check out all our networks and see if there’s one or more you would like to be a part of.

We look forward to having individuals and companies, worldwide, using all our networks to increase their employment and sales.

The Motion Picture Space Team